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Friday, 2 May 2014

Ok, so its been a while, I have been really insanely busy revising for my on going Chartered Accountancy exams but once they are out of the way in May hope to get some more IJA finished off.  A few hobby things have happened since we were last here and I thought I would break them down a bit....

Warlord have finally released the long awaited Ho-Ro Type 4 Assault Gun, still haven't got round to buying one yet but will next month when I am caught up a bit.

They have also released Baron Nishi on horseback which is a nice little mini that I will probably use as an objective marker as well as a Forward Observer team which will prove useful.  They have released some new heads and other bits to allow you to field SNLF troops which is a nice touch, just need some SNLF Paratroopers now and we are laughing!

Company B have done a Ki-Mi Amphibious tank which is AWESOME, really want one but again going to have to wait till the small pile of lead I have currently diminishes.

My Type 92 Tankettes arrived from - check them out the quality is outstanding for 3d printed stuff.  One is currently getting a lick of paint along with my Chi Ha and I am finally trying to learn how to paint vehicles correctly, mainly as I now have an airbrush which should speed all my painting up considerably.

Finally, I have dipped my toes into writing my own list for the Spanish Civil War for Bolt Action which can be found here:

Still work in progress.  There will be miniatures coming to match it but as I have so many IJA and a US Para Army to finish it may be some time before we see any Milicanos (well till Partizan anyway!)

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