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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Some Ha Gos, peasants and Cavalry

Reasonably pleased with the tanks considering I messed up the tri colour camo AGAIN and had to redo them AGAIN...I just can't get that camo down.

The peasants are ok, bit rushed but tabletop standard....

The cavalry are the pics I promised a few weeks back, not likely to get some paint any time soon as I am itching to do so Afrika Korps.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

I am literally just back from London and the massive SALUTE wargames show. A few BA related tit bits to get you excited....

1. New Japanese artillery - 105mm and 47mm Anti Tank gun - 105mm is gorgeous and you can have a look in the photos attached!!
2. Japanese theatre book later in the year, and they have plans for 3 types of Chinese armies, Nationalist, Commies and bandit style with Mausers and big swords according to John Stallard.
3. The new plastic German grenadiers were on sale and looked awesome
4. I also saw but couldn't take photos of (my phone battery had died) new Winter War Germans, Winter War Americans a la Battle of the Bulge (these looked fantastic!!) new Luftwaffe Field Division metals.
5. They also had the 3-ups of the new plastic Fallschirmjaeger! Utterly gorgeous!
6. There was a Laffly truck, a Crusader AA vehicle, some other vehicles that I didn't take notice of...
7. They have plans to do Bamboo Spears......not sure when
8. Finally, they had 10th Motorised 'Black Brigade' Polish!! Really nice looking models that could equally be used as Hungarians given the German equipment and helmets...

Think that's it. Apologies I only managed to grab this photo but it was what I was most interested in

Friday, 10 April 2015

Chain of Command

Mike has very kindly put up some pictures and a brief battle report of my inaugural Chain of Command game on his blog Trouble at T'Mill.  A fun night, I just couldn't get my last unit on when and where I wanted them.

I have been working on some Japanese Cavalry conversions pics when I get a chance and the glue has dried.  Unit of 5 so far, may bump them upto 7 but doubt will go beyond that, unless I get another unit........

A quick trip in to Nottingham today as well netted me 3x Ha Go Type 95 tanks direct from Warlords storage racks.  Many thanks to Lorenzo who sorted me out at such short notice. They are intended for my Tank Platoon for the Welsh Open at the end of September.  Should be enough time to paint them............

Friday, 3 April 2015

Type 4 & Kempetai....

Finally painted up my Type 4 150mm Heavy Howitzer from Mad Bob Miniatures, have had it sat around for ages.  Unfortunately, I got some frosting when varnishing it which accounts for some of the lighter green patches on the gun shield where I have had to touch it up.

Also finished is my Kempetai Political Officer which means I am now under an obligation to get some Bamboo Spears done for him to order about... Actual mini is a lot nicer than the photo would suggest not sure what went wrong with my photos.....bit rushed maybe...

Anyway till next time