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Friday, 4 October 2013

Miniatures Review - Black Hat Bamboo Spear Infantry

Ok, as per my previous post I have ordered the Black Hat Miniatures Bamboo Spear Infantry from their Samurai range.  To date these are the only Bamboo Spear Peasants that I have been able to find and given that they are dead cheap in the Japanese list their utility cannot be understated when combined with the Japanese national rules.

These arrived today and I am very pleased with them.  Very nicely defined sculpts and they look like they will fit nicely with the Warlord range.  Despite being labelled as 25mm I would say they are nearer to 27mm.  They had absolutely no flash on them and only a few minor mould lines which are easily removed.  The Spears are quite thick and sturdy and don't look like they will bend readily.  The only minor downside with them is that there are only 3 different figures so it will take some variation in terms of painting to make them work.  I will also be using these for Ronin when I get round to painting the Warband I bought at Derby World Wargames. 

Link below for the Black Hat website.  Overall 8.5/10 with 1.5 removed for the lack of variety.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ok, a semi useful post of where to get stuff for any aspiring Japanese players as it can be a wee bit difficult to track down.


Warlord - the best IMHO

The Assault Group - they do nice Flamethrowers/Suicide Teams/SMGs as well, although Warlord have just released theirs.

Brigade Games - they do an Anti Tank Rifle but again Warlord have just released theirs. More like 25mm or even 20mm than 28mm though.

Company B - they do IJA on bicycles.

Black Hat Miniatures: Bamboo Spears - the one 25/28mm Bamboo spears I have been able to find - not sure on quality yet as they haven't arrived.


Company B - do a really comprehensive range including some more esoteric ones like the Ho- Ni Mk1, Te-Ke tankette and Ke-Nu tanks, as well as a Kurogane and Isuzu trucks and some landing craft and AA searchlight vehicles.

Warlord - obviously.

Hobby Armor Depot - do the only Ho-Ro in 1/56 I have seen but the quality doesn't look great and their reputation isn't fantastic.  If anyone has bought from them please let me know.


A bit sparse this one - I am using Warlord's Polish 75mm but apparently there is some Japanese artillery on the way from them.

Company B - they do both the 37mm and 47mm anti tank guns, the crews are a little small though - I have used the crew from the Warlord 70mm Mountain Gun, or you could make some up easily enough from the Warlord plastic kit.  They also do the 20mm AA gun.

Hope that helps!
Ok, todays little tit bit of what is happening vis a vis my Japanese....

I made a discreet enquiry with a well known vehicles manufacturer about producing a Type 92 Armoured Car.  As Japanese players will know this is easily the best armour choice in the game currently with a turret mounted HMG, bow mounted MMG and Recce all for 90 points.  Trouble is no one makes one!  I will keep you all posted.

Also on order is my Bamboo Spear Infantry from Black Hat Miniatures and a Kurogane jeep from Company B once these arrive there really isn't much left from the book that I can't field bar a couple of the more esoteric armour choices for which there are again no models available currently.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Some quick shots of my infantry previously published on the Warlord Website - I have a lot more painted and will try to get some newer pictures, also a tournament report from this past weekend is due at some point







So it begins

I have finally bitten the bullet and decided to build a very slow blog to document my current obsession with my favourite game Bolt Action and the armies that I am building for it - mainly the Japanese.  This blog will also see some Samurai/Ronin in the future as well as other random stuff.  Hope to get some pictures up soon!  TTFN