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Friday, 4 October 2013

Miniatures Review - Black Hat Bamboo Spear Infantry

Ok, as per my previous post I have ordered the Black Hat Miniatures Bamboo Spear Infantry from their Samurai range.  To date these are the only Bamboo Spear Peasants that I have been able to find and given that they are dead cheap in the Japanese list their utility cannot be understated when combined with the Japanese national rules.

These arrived today and I am very pleased with them.  Very nicely defined sculpts and they look like they will fit nicely with the Warlord range.  Despite being labelled as 25mm I would say they are nearer to 27mm.  They had absolutely no flash on them and only a few minor mould lines which are easily removed.  The Spears are quite thick and sturdy and don't look like they will bend readily.  The only minor downside with them is that there are only 3 different figures so it will take some variation in terms of painting to make them work.  I will also be using these for Ronin when I get round to painting the Warband I bought at Derby World Wargames. 

Link below for the Black Hat website.  Overall 8.5/10 with 1.5 removed for the lack of variety.

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