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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

I have been playing around with my airbrush and have now finished my Chi Ha and both my Type 92 tankettes.  I tried the old 'mask' with blu tack on one of the tankettes but it didn't really come out how I would have liked.  I then went back to simple green basecoat for the Chi Ha and weathered it accordingly with my new oil washes and pigments.  For a very quick job I am really pleased how it came out.  It looks nicely rusty and dirty like it has been through the jungle for ages.  I liked it so much I redid my other Type 97 Shinoto Chi Ha in the same scheme as well as a Type 92 Tankette.  You can see all of them in the photos below.  In the background are my Type 94 Tankette, my Ho Ni II and the other Type 92.  The Ho Ni is next on the respray list so everything ties together.  I will probably leave the Type 92 as it is as it has had enough layers of paint on it already.

Just waiting for my Japanese decals from Warlord now!!!  May have to add some crews at some point as well to break things up a little.

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