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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Far far too long...

It’s been far far too long since I did any work on my IJA and consequently on this blog but progress albeit slow has been made. I have recently completed my Type 4 Ho Ro, I experimented with some new airbrush techniques, added some crew and some decals and it’s easily the best looking tank I have painted so far.

I also added some decals to my Chi Ha and it really helps breaking up the swathes of green paint. Pics to follow tonight.

I also did a quick head count of everything I have and everything that I need to paint and the end is in sight, albeit on the horizon. I just need to finish my US Para Squads first…

The current painting list of this lead addicted wargamer is thus:
2x US Para Sqds of 8 men each
2x US Para LMG teams
1x Sherman
1x Baron Nishi
27x Japanese Peasants with Bamboo Spears (a mixture of Perry and Black Hat)
1x Type 92 Light Howitzer
1x Japanese MMG
1x Kempetai
30+ Plastic Japanese infantry
10 Japanese Jungle Fighter infantry
1x Heavy Howitzer

I want to add in some 3x Ha-Go, probably another two Chi Ha for tank wars, and other bits and bobs as they get released but by and large the army is complete.

In the meantime, courtesy of Mike at Trouble at T'Mill some better shots of my Type 92s.

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